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Martha’s Quarterly, No. 15 (Spring 2020): Mouth to Mouth

Martha’s Quarterly, No. 15 (Spring 2020): Mouth to Mouth

'Martha’s Quarterly, Issue 2020, Mouth to Mouth, raises difficult, fraught questions of the nuances of censorship, freedom and safety and how freedom of speech is challenged right now during the COVID-19 global pandemic, from censorship in the arts in Vietnam to the prohibition of the use of the n-word in American educational institutions to pro-Trump supporters protesting for their right to get a haircut or not to wear a mask. Anaïs Duplan has contributed an erasure poem that pockets Lê Thuận Uyên’s narrative, all of which are swathed by images from Rafael Sanchez’ performance. - Passenger Pigeon Press

Passenger Pigeon Press, 2020
Edition of 200 copies
220 x 160mm

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