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[Japanese cinema and theatre ephemera]


[Japanese cinema and theatre ephemera]
Five cinema and theatre programmes. Bright illustrated wrappers (22 x 15 cm. and 17.5 x 19cm). Illustrated contents (6 to 14pp). Osaka & Takarazuka, circa 1920-1940.
One brochure with page loose and edges slightly discoloured, otherwise clear and bright.

A small group of cinema and theatre programmes from inter-war Japan including four volumes of Shochikuza News and one brochure from the Takarazuka Revue Company theatre. The Takarazuka Revue Company is a women-only theatre troupe established in 1914 and still popular in contemporary Japanese culture.

The Shochikuza theater opened in Osaka in 1923 and was the first cinema dedicated to screening foreign films on weekly rotation. The theatre published its own weekly Shochikuza News pamphlet to highlight upcoming films. The brochures had striking cover designs by young artists. These particular volumes are designed by Shinkichi Yamada, an important Japanese modernist graphic designer. Yamada developed a typography known as 'cinema characters', which was specific to movie theatre literature of the time. 

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