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International Dining with Spice Islands - Corita Kent

KENT, Corita (Illustrator)
International Dining with Spice Islands

First Edition. A complete set of ten side-stapled booklets each illustrating cuisine and recipes from a particular country, including India, Japan, Greece, Israel, Sweden etc. Colour-printed wrappers designed by Sister Mary Corita Kent (each 22.5 x 22.5 cm., 12 pp including wrappers), housed in the original black presentation box with titles printed in colour on the lid and company product list printed on the interior.
San Francisco: Spice Islands Company, 1963.

One or two pinholes through each booklet; light soiling to wrappers of France, Spain, and Sweden. Original box has some wear to lid.

An innovative set of recipe booklets to promote international dining produced by the home economics staff of the popular American herb and spice brand the Spice Islands Company. The vibrant booklets sought to introduce home cooks to cuisine from Italy, Spain, France, India, Japan, German, Greece, Israel, and Sweden, and thereby demonstrating the expanding American culinary appetite during the early 1960s. The booklets include recipes and menus representative of the nine different national cuisines and champion the idea of forming your own International Dining Club to experiment with foreign dishes as well as suggesting cookery techniques and menus.  

Each booklet is illustrated with colourful serigraph artwork by the activist designer Sister Corita Kent. Here Corita Kent drew on proverbs and quotations by thinkers such as French philosopher Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin: ‘The joys of the table belong equally to all countries and times’. These culinary parables were typical of Kent’s style of pop-art activism that rejected mainstream American indulgent consumerism and concentrated on the simple rituals of eating as a spiritual sustenance.