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In My Room : Teenagers in their Bedrooms - Adrienne Salinger


SALINGER, Adrienne. 
In My Room : Teenagers in their Bedrooms. 
First edition. Landscape 4to. Unpaginated. Colour plates throughout. Glossy illustrated wraps. San Francisco: Chronicle Books, 1995. 
A very good copy. 

“As a haven from what is often the most painful and tumultuous period in a young person’s life, the bedroom may be the only place teenagers can truly express themselves. Few teenagers welcome anyone in their bedroom, least of all adults. In In My Room: Teenagers in Their Bedrooms, photographer Adrienne Salinger has been allowed to enter the private lives of forty-three teens. Her images, taken over a two-year period, offer an intimate glimpse into these intimate escapes and the adolescents who have made them their own. Even small objects in each room reveal much about the hopes, fears, and dreams of each teen pictured: a poster of a heavy metal band on a wall, various religious icons arranged on a shelf, a well-worn stuffed animal on a bed. Salinger’s interviews with her subjects accompany each photograph, illuminating the harsh realities of some of their lives. A far cry from two-dimensional caricatures on “Happy Days,” several of these kids have already had to deal with drugs, pregnancy, physical abuse, racism, and death.” 

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