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Film Food Footnotes - Malia Haines-Stewart


The screen on which we watch a movie is a plate. If it's a small screen, do you get a single serving of memory? If it's a large screen, do you host a feast among friends? If it's a private screen, are you a glutton? If it's a free screen, do you glean and share?

This book is also a plate, its creation and each component a nourishing exchange. The second of its kind, this is a publication both food in/and about the movies. The book investigates food-moments in select films. The food-moments are highlighted by food-images. The film food-images are accompanied by film food footnotes. The footnotes span close reads, brief encounters, critical responses, and tangential thoughts--writings in which we, viewer-eaters, digest the visual ingredients offered up to us.

A movie is a meal, a site in which we correspond and coalesce. Do you eat hastily or at leisure? Do you make careful note of the flavors? Do you think of its preparation?

180 x 125 mm


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