Everything Flows EP


Everything Flows is a limited edition EP with  tracks and artwork from the experimental art and music scene emerging from the Glasgow over the last fifteen years.

Created for Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art 2012 Everything Flows features nine tracks and artwork emerging. Recordings from artists including Ross Sinclair (ex The Soup Dragons) and Douglas Gordon (in collaboration with Chicks on Speed) sit alongside well-known artists’ bands. Timeless tracks and the voice of Sue Tompkins alongside Life Without Buildings, who have have not recorded together since 2002, maintain a strong underground fan base. Almost all of the artists on the album write and perform their work solo or as part of a band. Artists like Douglas Morland (Older Lover) also play in other bands across the city. Everything Flows brings together favourites Muscles of Joy, Gummy Stumps, Hassle Hound and Tut Vu Vu who are popular with art and music audiences alike. The project delivers many unreleased tracks and special live performances including ‘Cars’ by David Sherry. Together with artwork Everything Flows is an invitation to a scene shaped by Glasgow artists who use sound and music. The album includes an introduction text by Francis McKee.

Patricia Fleming Projects, 2012
320 x 320mm 

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