Elder Sex - Marilyn Minter


Originally published as a series for an article in The New York Times about elder sex, this new body of work of photographs by Marilyn Minter explores the – almost – unchartered territory of sex after 70. Intimate, fantastically bold, sometimes shocking, and very Marilyn Minter in the best way, these photographs cast an uninhibited look at “unconventional” bodies regarding aesthetic canons and challenge our traditional and often stereotyped vision of sex.

Ultimately, these joyful, empowering and body-positive images remind us that the frontiers of sexuality are unlimited and that we can choose the type of pleasure we want at every stage of our lives. An afterword by acclaimed New Yorker writer Naomi Fry dwells on the feminist implications of Minter’s work as it addresses the issues our society faces when it comes to aging.

JBE Books, 2023
Hardcover, 88pp
360 x 280mm 

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