Drink Me - David Harrison

Drink this book as this be a book of David. Of witch, and wind and men erecting. stone. 
Chattering scratched rocks with holes through. and warm hand prints of a changeling brood.
All of David’s animals climbing through. The last of the hares and cats of Cornwall, of old England. Advancing behind a black poodle. A friend. of ours. who took this grit from sellotape, to plant, to Clootie covered trees that hang over ancient wells.
And back again.
Who we followed in a line, in night. into a field, of leather waistcoats and ribbons.
Into a field where the moon came out. and bled, leaked white and runny at the edges.
The black poodle spread at his feet at a time. it ate darkness with. Left-sided landowner
Someone we know. The know of who he is and made. of.with him and her
Drink this dark.
Drink it down. 
Drink Me.

Mrs Patterson's Press, 2016
300 x 215 mm 

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