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Dear Aisha, Volume 1 - Daniel Bejar


Several years ago the New York Times reported that Muammar Gaddafi’s fugitive son had tried to use the artist Daniel Bejar’s name on a fake passport. In response, Bejar shaved his head, grew a beard and began a long-term performance impersonating the disgraced heir himself.

There was a winter at a Mexican safe-house, security guards, fake documents…Then Bejar received a scam email from someone claiming to be the Gaddafi’s millionaire daughter, Aisha. One of those “Dear Sir” emails sent out, randomly, en masse. Except Bejar wrote back: Sister, it’s me.

Over the following months, Bejar drew his counterfeit sibling into a bizarre, collaborative work of autofiction.

This is their collected correspondence.

A meditation on disguise and belonging and a material melodrama of high and low—bespoke typography, spam ads, typos. Together they render a wry portrait of our age of digital fakery and self-reinvention.

Published by Ligature press, 2021
Edition of 250 copies
Hardcover, 164pp 
180 x 108 mm

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