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D&K LOOKBOOK 2019 Special Edition ‘Smuggling Scarf’


D&K LOOKBOOK 2019 Special Edition ‘Smuggling Scarf’

A limited-edition series of ‘covers’ created by D&K (Ricarda Bigolin and Chantal Kirby) featuring D&K LOOK BOOK 2019 and Mode and Mode seven, packaged together in a limited edition by Ricarda Bigolin and Chantal Kirby. The collection re-fashions synthetic, reclaimed, damaged and worn materials, garments and curtains as covers with pockets that hold the D&K look books.

Removable wool screen printed scarf, created from found printed squares in Borås, Sweden wrapped in silk organza 

The ‘Smuggling Scarf’ includes a copy of the D&K LOOKBOOK 2019 and Mode and Mode seven, ‘D&K LOOKBOOK 2019’.

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