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[Typographically-eccentric poster from the last adult cinema in Paris]


Cinéma Béverley
[Typographically-eccentric poster from the last adult cinema in Paris].

Original poster (28 x 38 cm) with black hand-drawn text on vivid green background.
Paris, circa 1983.

Small pin holes to each corner.

FRISSONS SOUS LA PEAU (CHILLS UNDER THE SKIN), a hand-drawn poster from the “last porno theatre in Paris,” Le Cinéma Béverley, which opened in 1983. This typographically-eccentric poster was produced in accordance with the 1975 French law that prevented X-rated films from using imagery in their advertisements. Surviving the Internet porn wave, before finally closing in 2019, Le Béverley was an innovative cinema, introducing couples’ screenings to the Paris adult scene.