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Chevalier - Tal R

The title of the linocut book Chevalier, evokes a lot of associations: from the last french executioner Marcel Chevalier (born 1921), who held this office till the abolition of the death penalty in the year 1981 and who was a letterpress printer in main profession to Franz von Papen (1879 – 1969), vice chancellor in Hitler‘s first Cabinet, who was called Chevalier by his enemies and rivals to the french actor Maurice Chevalier (1888 – 1972) who could have been seen on screen noticeably often in uniforms.

The uniform is the recurrent element in Tal R's artist book Chevalier, sometimes just the napoleonic appearing military coat, more often also the soldier within, sometimes wilhelmian, provided with saber and varying militarian-ancient headdresses. Those militarian Chevalier-illustrations alternate with in parts naïve-raw still lifes, childish drawn women and animals and mirror-inverted, commentarial lettering.

Lubok, 2009
Artist book with 96 single-coloured original linocuts by Tal R
Softcover, 98pp
320 x 240 mm

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