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Charted Patterns for Sweaters That Talk Back - Lisa Anne Auerbach


Auerbach, Lisa Anne.
Charted Patterns for Sweaters That Talk Back.
Glossy stapled zine (30 x 22cm), 32pp.
New York City, Printed Matter, 2008. 

Auerbach’s artist book and step-by-step guide to knitting radical sweaters with fiery slogans. The publication documents a satirical project by Auerbach inspired by President Jimmy Carter’s 1977 speech on the energy crisis advising Americans to turn their thermostats down and put on a sweater.
Slogans such as ’When there’s nothing left to burn, you’ve got to set yourself on fire’ and ’Smash Monogamy’ are included with patterns and instructions by the artist. Auerbach tells us ‘Be positive about the war on terror. Knit your answer on the back of the sweater.’ The publication also functions as a catalogue/ look-book with photographs of the artist and her friends modelling the sweaters.

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