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Announcement card for CHA CHA CHA by Stephen Willats


WILLATS, Stephen. 
Announcement card for CHA CHA CHA. 
Original publication announcement card [185 x 125 mm]. Folded heavy card with b&w print to recto and verso. London: Coracle Press, [1982].

A handsome card to announce the publication of the artist book CHA CHA CHA by Stephen Willats. 

Willats’ in-depth exploration of private club culture in the late 1970s- early 1980s, in which London clubs functioned as spaces for complete expression of a small subculture. The Cha Cha Cha was 'the club for people who don't need to pose'. The space was located in an old railway arch under Charing Cross Station, one of many self-organised clubs that popped up throughout London at the time. The publication Cha Cha Cha documented stories of people who attended the club as well as those of its owners Michael and Scarlett.

The text on the reverse of the card reads thus:
'You can use the night as cover, as a cloak to be who you want, to be yourself without anyone hassling you. A recent phenomenon in London is the private club, set up by a new generation who want to escape into the night, and to express themselves in a way that is difficult in the straight world of the day. The Cha Cha Cha captured the spirit of this new generations' attitude perhaps more than any other, where anything was possible if your attitude was right. Stephen Willats has used this new situation as the symbol of people's fight back against the pressures of clone-like mass culture.' 

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