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Cady Noland : The Clip-On Method

The two volumes of Cady Noland: THE CLIP-ON METHOD can be picked up and read in any order: back to front, front to back, start in the middle.

Both books commence their page numbering with the cover.

THE CLIP-ON METHOD is a book made from photographs of Noland’s artworks, often shown within their first installations.

Noland’s primary materials are on display throughout the book (fencing, pipes, poles and rails; aluminium walkers, crates, and metal baskets; newspaper clippings, flags and beer cans) and are seen aggregated, arranged and assembled, equally menacing and left akimbo.

Additionally, the publication contains writing by Noland, sociological essays selected by the artist, and a considerable amount of exhibition photography from the 1980s to the present.

Cady Noland, Rhea Anastas & Robert Snowden, 2023
Two volumes in softcover, 596pp in total
280 x 216mm

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