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Bruce Lee’s Nunchaku/ Wing Chun Technique Course.


[LEE, James Yimm & Bruce LEE]. 
Bruce Lee’s Nunchaku/ Wing Chun Technique Course.
Illustrated slipcase [267 x 190 mm] containing five illustrated books in colour glossy stapled wrappers plus five b&w Japanese stapled reference books and one b&w Japanese course book. Japanese text. [Tokyo]: TOWA Promotions [1980s].
Tear to the front of the slipcase.

Illustrated course-book for learning the martial arts Nunchaku and Wing Chun devised by Bruce Lee's mentor James Yimm Lee. Originally written and distributed for the US market then translated into Chinese and Japanese. This handsome Japanese edition comes with glossy booklets that serve not only as an instructional manual but also as a fanzine to Bruce Lee, where illustrations of the martial art moves are interspersed with movie stills showing Lee in action. Bruce Lee famously used Nunchaku in multiple scenes of the 1972 film Fist of Fury. Originally a limited edition version of this box set would have come with a Nunchaku included.  

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