Bore Hole - Joe Mellen


What this book, I hope, will do is give an answer to the question why do people want to take drugs, as they always have throughout history

A heavily expanded edition of Joe Mellen’s legendary, long out-of-print auto-trepanation memoir, Bore Hole takes us deep into the dawning of the UK’s psychedelic counter culture, and into a mind breaking free from the confines of a traditional English upbringing.

Travelling to Morocco and Ibiza, then back to the first spring of swinging London, Joe Mellen discovers the pleasures of hashish, is captivated by the visionary intensity of LSD and, after meeting the Dutch psychedelic guru Bart Huges, attempts the ultimate head trip, the bore hole.

As well as a selection of unseen archive photographs, this edition includes a new postscript, essays, appendices and a 1967 interview with Bart Huges.

Strange Attractor
Softcover, 184pp
210 x 135 mm 

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