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Baby Squad 1984 - Steve Pyke

Baby Squad 1984 is a series of photographs by celebrated photographer Steve Pyke MBE that follow Leicester City’s casual football firm, the Baby Squad, on a night out in 1984. The limited edition A5 zine contains 17 full colour photographs across 32 pages, accompanied with a first hand essay. It was the 1980s, and football’s terrace culture was at its peak. This was the evening of Friday 31st of August, the night before Leicester City travel to rivals Coventry City for their Division 1 midlands clash. Peacocking, plotting and scheming ahead of the next day’s fixture, the then infamous Leicester City Baby Squad were out on the town. For these football fans, appearance mattered. It wasn’t about club colours, it was about the latest fashions, trending labels and tattoos. Style and reputation mattered in equal measure. The question in hand, how to evade police detection the next day... WHAM

Lower Block, 2023
Softcover, 32pp
210 x 147mm

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