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Archivio 05 - 1991 The Nineties Issue

Archivio 05 - 1991 The Nineties Issue

This instalment marks a new beginning for the magazine, which has a new look, new editorial board, and new format to reflect a change in structure, objective, and perspective. It is dedicated to the 1990s, an era that easily lends itself to a nostalgic yearning for a time when we were apparently better off. But when investigated from a lateral perspective, the decade reveals a more complex, stratified picture. The issue pieces together documents, newspapers, and photographs, as well as voices of the people who helped shape those years and the words of those who work to keep the decade's memory alive. Get ready for a deep dive into the Italian '90s experience.

Archivio 2020
Softcover, 176pp
260 x 200 mm

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