Accumulo - Alessio Bolzoni

The appropriated images here are deliberately gritty fragments of bigger pictures taken mainly from two sources: either newspapers or original 1950s and 60s photos bought by the artist from the most disparate sources. There is in these pictures a dominating subject: legs in the act of walking; many legs of different people
symbolising the act of relentlessly going forward. However, the book articulates them with an exact rhythm, pairing and comparing them, creating connections and identifying similarities between unrelated items and geographies; so to the metaphor of moving ahead, Bolzoni adds a new one: returning, moving forward and coming back in a similar shape. In Accumulo, the act of appropriating and self-appropriating means re-signifying. Furthermore, here, the quality of the single images matters
as much as the number of pictures. Quality, quantity and rhythm, in Bolzoni's view, are all conducive to an analysis of excess, waste, repetition, and the infinite depths of the surface.

Alessio Bolzoni, 2023

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