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A Life with Books - Plus Eighty One Magazine Vol.82


Print media is in the midst of a crisis in light of a greater demand for instant textual and photo updates via the Internet and SNS. Given this situation, this time we cross the turning point from our namesake 81st issue by making Vol.82 all about what makes books great. Kicking things off is a presentation of four book artists whose creations perform both their originally literary functions while also serving as objet d’ art. Following this is big selection of unique artist books from independent publishers and zine makers like those that have become a leading trend in the industry today. We also have a pick of 44 bookstores from around the world that everyone should visit at least once. Our goal is share all the possibilities, merits, and fun books compile into a single volume, along with the significance of the medium and all the distinct modes of expression it offers. 

Printed in Japan
Softcover, 128pp
225 x 270 mm 

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