1971 (a year in record review poems) - Byron Coley & Joanne Robertson

1971 (a year in record review poems) 
Joanne Roberston is a visual artist/musician/writer currently based in Glasgow. Byron Coley is a writer/archivist who lives on an old dairy farm in Massachusetts. Over the past decade, the two have collaborated on a series of projects, curating shows, writing books of poetry, and traveling the international go-kart racing circuit, as their busy schedules permit.

The idea for doing a book of poems functioning as reviews of records released in a certain year was originally hatched as a transatlantic jape. But upon further consideration, it seemed like a pretty fine way to investigate the culture of a specific year, one in which one of the principals was in high school, and the other was not yet earthbound. Reality and imagination could be given equal weight. Options could be explored. Fun could be poked. Why not just do it? So we did.

Tenderbooks & Bad Taste Press, 2018
150 x 205 mm 

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