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147 Backcovers: Summer Fall Winter Spring: Anzeigen Galerie Bischofberger - Peter Fischli and Hilar Stadler eds.


The 147 illustrations gathered in this book are a selection of the advertisements that the Galerie Bruno Bischofberger has had published on the back cover of Artforum regularly since April 1987. This series has existed on the basis of a contractual arrangement with the journal that since 1989 guarantees the gallery's place on the back cover for the year. In addition, a similar series of images has also been published on the back cover of the Swiss magazine Kunstbulletin since 1990. 

The photographs used for the advertisements depict primarily traditional Swiss subjects, the nature of which are generally linked to the time of the year. Included are typical Swiss national sports, representative forms of political life, images of Alpine life and culture, depictions of traditional arts and crafts, and situations from everyday Swiss life. As a rule, the images on the magazine are set to match the season, which means that the advertisement series, viewed across the year, functions as a type of calendar. Certain images portray an idyllic Switzerland and thereby confirm a common stereotype, an approach which is also used increasingly by the tourism industry. The depiction of traditional, everyday, or rural Swiss life is based on the Appenzell native Bruno Bischofberger's far-reaching interest in and connection to folk culture and art. At the same time, however, it is also a reflection of the cultural trend that art historians called 'primitivism', which in the modern era has been a particularly productive movement in art. 

The images are the work of different photographers, both amateur and professional, and the author is specified within the caption that runs along the edge of each advertisement. The gallery gleans the subjects from various types of publications and asks for permission to use the picture material directly from the photographer. This has lead in some cases to a long-term collaboration with certain photographers, without, however, the commissioning of specific photographic motifs. 

This catalogue is published on the occasion of the exhibition Backcovers. Summer Fall Winter Spring at Museum im Bellpark, Kriens 

Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther Konig , 2018
265 x 265 mm 


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