000998146-horizontal-panning-empty-fashi_prores/böhm-on-dialogue-ch5 - Anna Barham

000998146-horizontal-panning-empty-fashi_prores/böhm-on-dialogue-ch5(2015) is a video and accompanying publication. The work was created bycorrupting the coding of a jpeg image of an empty fashion catwalk by interrupting it with passages drawn from a book called On Dialogue by the quantum physicist David Böhm. When the jpeg is viewed as an image, this insertion of natural language into the code produces distortions, with  shift, colour, panning and sound all generated at the structural level of the image. Presented in a darkened space, the sound  produces an immersive, visceral and strangely rhythmic composition. The corrupted code of the jpeg has been reproduced in full as a printed text in magazine form.  
Self-published magazine, 2015
220 × 280 mm
240 pp

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