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Werkplaats Typografie Reader : Octopus of Offshoots

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Werkplaats Typografie Reader : Octopus of Offshoots

[…] Speelplaats is a parallel program held within Werkplaats Typografie, defined as ‘a kind of school within a school’ run by and for the participants, where everyone invited is asked to contribute according to an annual topic. Considered as a testing ground for introducing and exchanging ideas with uncertain, outcomes sporadic open-ended sessions are proposed, organised and realised by individuals and ad-hoc groups.
As the custodians of year 19, we — Adriaan Van Leuven and Oliver Boulton — proposed a way of working through imitation. Be it a method, model or base; by adopting the action(s) of someone or something. Imitation, not so much in the aspect of ‘copying’, but in the idea of chewing, digesting and regurgitating an existing thing. Imitation, as something we do naturally, as a pedagogy; a process of learning. Imitation, as a coming inhale, exhale. Imitation as a means to reflect, detangle and recognise our surroundings, times, contemporaries, idols. Imitation as a way to embrace or confront one’s swamped reference pool. Imitation, as an open question, put to ourselves and our colleagues: how do you find your voice? At which point Kathy Acker yelled back at us: “Why [do] I have to find my own voice and where [is] it?”

Contributions and selected texts by: Austin Redman ♡ Boris Siemaszko & Melina Wilson ♡ Brad Troemel ♡ Conrad Knickerbocker ♡ Eleanor Antin ♡ Elizabeth Grosz ♡ Francis Ponge ♡ Gertrude Stein ♡ Harry Mathews ♡ John Oswald ♡ Kathy Acker ♡ Luca Napoli ♡ Maria Barnas ♡ Mariana Lobão ♡ Mark Owens ♡ Moriz Oberberger ♡ Mustapha Khayati ♡ Oliver Boulton ♡ Philip Gooden ♡ Rob Horning ♡ Robert Smithson ♡ Roland Barthes ♡ Simona Koutná ♡ Susan van Veen ♡ Theresa Hak Kyung Cha ♡ Ulises Carrión ♡ The Wombles ♡ Yeliz Secerli ♡

Werkplaats Typografie, 2019
Designed by Adriaan van Leuven & Oliver Boulton
Softcover, 237pp
135 x 210 mm

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