Untitled (the void)

Untitled (the void)


'Iris Clert invites you to honor, with all your affective presence, the lucid and actual event of a certain reign of the sensitive. This demonstration of perceptive synthesis sanctions, in the works of Yves Klein, the pictorial quest for an ecstatic and immediately communicable emotion (Opening, 3, rue des Beaux-Arts, Monday, April 28, 9-12 P.M.) Pierre Restany.' 

An enlarged facsimile of the invitation card to Yves Klein's 1958 show at Iris Clent gallery, Paris. The exhibition came to be known as 'le vide' (Void) on account of there being no works exhibited, the gallery being emptied out.

Untitled (the void), 2016
Silkscreen print on paper, 360 x 143mm 
Published by The Everyday Press 

Framed version available in store 

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