HEXEN2.0 Tarot - Suzanne Treister


The HEXEN2.0 Tarot features 78 alchemical drawings depicting interconnected histories of the computer and the Internet, cybernetics and the counterculture, science-fiction and scientific projections of the future, government and military research programmes, social engineering and ideas of the control society, alongside diverse philosophical, literary and political responses to the advance of technology including the claims of anarcho-primitivism, tecnogaianism, and transhumanism. 

Through representing and re-examining these subjects and histories through the lens of occult belief systems and ideas of the supernatural the HEXEN2.0 Tarot takes us to a hypnotic, mesmerising space from where one may imagine and construct possible alternative futures. 

Acknowledging precedents such as the traditional tarot deck, The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck and Aleister Crowley's Thoth Tarot Deck, Suzanne Treister has here produced a new Tarot, that allows a reader, or group of readers working collaboratively, to use the cards to reconfigure history and/or map out hypothetical future narratives. 

Signed by the artist
Black Dog Publishing 2012
Box of 78 cards, each card measures 150 x 95mm 

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