Japanese Photography Magazines, 1880s to 1980s - Ivan Vartanian & Ryuichi Kaneko


With over 1,300 illustrations, this heavily illustrated book shows how photography magazines continually served as a genre-defining platform for photography in Japan. This book also features an extensive amount of photographers’ writings that first appeared in these magazines. Such writings include texts by Araki Nobuyoshi, Fukase Masahisa, Hosoe Eikoh, Kawada Kikuji, Kimura Ihei, Moriyama Daido, Narahara Ikko, Sako Kuichi, Yasui Nakaji, as well as writings by Tanikawa Shuntaru, Terayama Shuji, among many others. Japanese Photography Magazines: 1880s to 1980s shows Japan’s unique photography magazine culture and how it became genre-defining. Starting with the earliest camera-related publications in the 19th century through to the end of the magazine's golden era in the 1980s, this book immerses the reader into the work of well-established as well as overlooked photographers, representing a broad range of imagery and approaches. Each of the featured magazine stories are accompanied with authoritative historical information, which, as a whole, provides the reader with a balanced and nuanced survey of this history of Japanese photography. This gives the reader a grounding into the core concepts and vocabulary for understanding the definitive characteristic of photography from Japan. Nearly all of the stories that are featured in this volume are reproduced in their entirety, making this volume an invaluable resource for researchers, collectors, general readers, and photography fans.

Goligo Books, 2023
Hardcover, 500pp
280 x 250 mm 

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