Far Away From Home: The Voices, The Body and the Periphery - Hristina Tasheva


"I was born in 1976 in communist Bulgaria (1944-1989) and raised with the belief in the communist ideals: public ownership in a classless society free of capitalist oppression and ruled by the working class, where everyone contributes according to their ability and receives according to their needs; equality and brotherhood among nations; free education and healthcare; common means of production… In 1989 the communist utopian experiment came to its end in Bulgaria, followed until today by poverty, corruption, and unprecedentedly high levels of emigration toward the West.

I have been living in the Netherlands for 20 years now, which is governed by a parliamentary democracy. I walked the path from illegal immigrant to a holder of Dutch nationality and I am still struggling to find my place in society – this is the main subject of my artistic practice.

Far away from home: the voices, the body and the periphery is a project inspired by a heated debate that took place some time ago. In public, a Dutch citizen with an academic background asked me: 'Are you a communist?'. "

- Hristina Tasheva

Self-published, 2023 
Softcover, 456pp
297 x 210mm 

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