Neru Phuyt Issue 2


N – N

… nor this - nor that … does not matter - need not be. With eyes wide open and looping brain, the strange voice and strange vision of an old moon-rock appears. It is the grate in front of our sleep, our dark reptilian retreat. With it, we can step back, and back again, where dreaming is a constant state. Released from a stone valve, connected to a gnarled space of ancient technology that lays dormant in our skull. Waiting for us, oscillating at 40 Hz, in the sub-cortical. Asleep. Awake. Staring, at the dirty glass on the shelf next to our head. You are dreaming, or not. Neither here, Neither there, a type of 4th state, an eternal place of liminality. A space between these pages, sticky from the residue of a native culture that keeps them closed. 

Read these images out loud. 

They were made by Night-walkers. Read in time with their persisting slowness. Hypnos, sleep … agogeus, guide. This dream line is of blood. All part of a gradient, within a realm of inner experience and pre-logical forms of thought - from creativity - dreaming – hypnogogia - to finally, magic and mysticism. Scratching, scratching, the scratches around the keyhole. Each mark producing the smell of a temple’s damp corner stones, transformed and over powered by the cosmos. And leading to a monstrous flood of blood over a green land, ‘Look at it well, it is wholly real and it will be so’.

James Green
Vicky Wright
Mike's Cabbage
Sophiel Aurora
Owen Pidcock
The AAS Group
Rebecca Gould
Barry Schawbsky
Stephen Cooper
Uma Breakdown

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