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P_PAL Issue 1

Before deciding to make such a magazine about Chinese art publishing, we spent time looking back at the history of self-publishing and artists’ books that happened and are happening in China. This phase of history can be long, can be short, or hasn’t even really started yet. Following the memory of our growth, we tried to salvage the early Chinese art publications from the ocean of the Internet, revealing the history of freedom and romance, and dive into China’s most vibrant independent music scene.
In the first issue of P_PAL, the professional role and publishing process involved in art publishing serves as the clue of the magazine, and a book is technically disassembled. The cover story of the inaugural issue was filmed in the childhood home of the artist Wen Ling. It talks about the changes in his creation and life and the myths that have influenced the millennium to this day. The cover conception of the designer Ji Yang is also extracted from Wen Ling’s exploration of machine vision in his recent “Camouflage” series. We hope that, like the artist, we can forget our personal experience to observe the world objectively. In this magazine, you can read the art book news on the map of Hong Kong; Guides on the production, distribution, and printing of books, especially Risograph, screen printing, and other art printing methods; An chronological research report on Chinese art publishing, etc.

abC, 2020
Softcover, 200pp
Seen bound
Edition of 500 copies
240 x 170 mm

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