TROVE Issue 1


Born out of an admiration for crafts made by people, rather than machines, TROVE honours workers’ hands and the patience that they dedicate to the process of making. The initial research, conversations, experimentation and execution all added to become what is now TROVE. Within these pages you will find the creative communities and pioneers that are working against the grain of society.

TROVE is about challenging ideas and the ‘having a go’ attitude that is a common thread amongst its contributors. In this issue you will find interviews with Dave Baby and Scarlett Cannon, the last two
remaining members of design collective, the House of Beauty and Culture, who created and made in the moment purely for shared passions. Jewellery designer, Joanne Burke who fell into making jewels and now applies a 6,000 year old casting process to her work, and artist, Oliver McConnie who turned his school book doodles into pieces of thought-provoking, political artwork.

TROVE is made for the curious individual who wants to explore the craftsmen and women who make their treasure.

Softcover, 84pp
250 x 180 mm

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