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1XXX-2018-2XXX: PUGMENT - Kenta Cobayashi

PUGMENT's current collection, along with the pieces featured in their March 2018 show at the Komagome Soko, have been documented by photographer Kenta Cobayashi. From the contemporaneous generation of PUGMENT's founders, Cobayashi's oeuvre is distinguished by heavy digital manipulation, with his recent work exploring a negative/positive inverse. The present publication combines Cobayashi's new photographic interpretations with a comprehensive compendium of Japanese fashion history, replete with text and images compiled by PUGMENT. A monumental genre-crossing compilation vaulting over the boundaries of lookbook, photobook, and Japanese fashion history archive, this volume is itself a work of art, completed by graphic designer Shun Ishizuka.

New Fave, 2018
255 x 180 mm

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