KENZO Folio Issue 1


For the first edition of KENZO Folio, Gidi gidi bu ugwu eze ('Unity is strength’), artists Ruth Ossai and Akinola Davies Jr showcase the Summer 2017 collection in the midst of various celebrations and ceremonies within the Igbo communities of Nigeria.
The festivities centre around a beauty pageant in which the young women of Nsukka support one another to develop a stage for shining a light on their own approach to beauty and glamour.
Capturing the Nigerian community shows a commitment to redefining and celebrating culture, showing the textures of a community in celebration of itself. Family nurtures everything and your community is one's extended family. Utilising one another and trusting in each other’s process.

KENZO Folio is a quarterly publication devoted to highlighting recent KENZO looks through diverse points of views of leading photographers, stylists and creatives and embracing the brand's ethics in the concept of beauty and diversity.

KENZO, 2017
Softcover, 28pp
310 x 245 mm 

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