Happy New Year! (づ ◕‿◕ )づ

Buffalo Zine Issue 14

For several months we hung out, travelled, barbecued, smoked, partied and fell in love with a troupe of friends.

We spent a summer in London with Coumba and her friends Gretchen, Mischa, Zach, Lauren, Tosia, LC and Fede. Reunited post COVID, In Real Life and away from their online avatars, they talked with Courtney Love, Douglas Coupland, Ib Kamara, and Paul B Preciado among others about the everyday, putting out fires, fucked up times and the future.

Legendary and young documentary photographers such as Tom Wood, Rob Bremmer, Benedict Brink, Ewen Spencer, Sophie Wedgwood and Tom Sloan followed them around and captured a coming-of-age portrait of a group of friends right here right now.

Photography by

Tom Wood

Rob Bremner

Ewen Spencer

Benedict Brink

Tom Sloan

Sophie Wedgwood

Skye Evelyn

Zachary Chick

Zed Nelson

Interviews by

Anonymous Club

Courtney Love

Douglas Coupland

Hans Ulrich Obrist

Ib Kamara

Jefferson Hack

Paul B Preciado


Stella McCartney

Hardcover, 272pp
230  x 300mm

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