Toril Johannessen - Dublett

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An artist book by Toril Johannessen published in a series by Dublett that seeks to analyse physical perception studies across different cultures.  Features texts by Espen Sommer Eide, Peter Galison, Mette Karlsvik, Marit Paasche and Theodor Ringborg, as well as an artist book made by the Toril Johannessen titled 'Unseeing'. 

Each Dublett consists of a new artist book and an anthology of commissioned texts. These twin publications focus on an artist’s practice, an artistic collaboration or an artistic project. The Dublett series is initiated by Hordaland Art Centre, taking the Hordaland region as its point of departure. Dublett is designed by Anti & Grandpeople/Gaute Tenold Aase. 

Published by Dublett

Hard cover/case containing x2 publications

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