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Embodying Anew: Simone Leigh, Magdalene Odundo & Thaddeus Mosley

Embodying Anew  is a show including works by Magdalene Odundo, Simone Leigh and Thaddeus Mosley, three artists who engage extensively with international creative practices to synthesise the aesthetics of a vast array of visual traditions within their work “collectively, this feels like the wildest kind of jazz: it is improvisation, syncopation, scholarship, care, attention, memory”.

Conceptualised and designed as an archived ephemera the limited edition publication captures the spirit of the show and transcends its temporality marking its position in history. Comprised of a manilla DL envelope containing a silkscreened colour sheet wrapping a die-stamped linen envelope. Inside a series of offset reproductions featuring a bust by Simone Leigh, a sculpture by Thaddeus Mosley and three vessels by Magdalene Odundo with a hand-stamped colour photographic print of the installation and a booklet with an essay by Lauren DeLand.

Embodying Anew is the second in a series published in collaboration with Maximillian William, London.

InOtherWords, 2021
Edition of 300 copies
Multiple formats 

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