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BARON. (Issue 3).

BARON. (Issue 3).
16mo. 400pp. Colour illustrated wraps. BARON, 2015.
A new sealed copy.

BARON Issue 3 on 'The Future of Sex', fluid sexuality, virtual relationships and 'liquid identities'. This issue on 'The Future of Sex' is guest edited by Robert Henry Rubin of cult magazine NIGHT, club kid Michael Alig and with a foreword by Brett Anderson from Suede. Contributors include Prince Stanislas Klossowski de Rola, Blommers/Schumm, Jason Evans, Neil Drabble, Harley Weir, Lady Starlight, Jordan Clark, Eli Craven, Stefen Ruitenbeek, Johnny Dufort, nightcoregirl, Milk, Ernie Glam, Bjarne Melgaard, Eva Stenram, Isabelle Wenzel, Camgirls Project, Juliana Huxtable, and Inside Flesh on the cover.

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