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A Couple Thousand Short Films About Glenn Gould. - Cory Arcangel

A Couple Thousand Short Films About Glenn Gould.
First Edition. 8vo. 255pp paperback artist book with unique photograph by Cory Arcangel. London: Dexter Sinster with Film and Video Umbrella, 2008.
Some soiling to the wrappers.

Artist book in relation to a project of the same name by Cory Arcangel. The book is based on a text by Paul Morley, edited by Steven Bode and arranged by Dexter Sister with assorted appendices.

To make the work 'A Couple Thousand Short Films About Glenn Gould' Cory Arcangel spliced together nearly 2000 clips of amateur musicians’ performances taken from video sharing sites such as YouTube.

The text opens: '1/ 210 possible first lines/openings to a book about the relationship between the end of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twenty-first century ...'

Each book includes a unique photograph by Cory Arcangel corresponding to 1 of the 1,106 JPEGs, used to edit the double-channel video installation.

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