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Openingnisolc - Hansjörg Mayer

MAYER, Hansjörg
Openingnisolc no. 8. First edition of 600 copies. 48 x 48 cm broadside folded down to 12 x 24 cm, letterpressed in black on recto and verso. Woodchester Gloucestershire, England: Openings Press, Rooksmoor House, Nd. Fine. An intricate and intimate work of concrete poetry by Mayer in the form of a folded broadsheet. The recto explores the relationship between the words ‘opening’ and ‘closing’ and their backward spellings ‘gninepo’ and ‘gnisolc’. The verso features the same words overprinted numerous times on top of each other almost filling up the entire sheet and using Mayer’s hallmark lowercase Futura. Printed at John Furnival’s Openings Press.

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